About Us

Agratech Farms are the proud creator of the Daily Fresh TM brand of fresh, healthy, hydroponically grown produce. We personally believe you should know exactly what you are eating and also where it came from. If you look in the tag attached to all of our Daily Fresh TM produce, you will find a short story explaining how your produce got to your fridge.

Our produce tells a story, a story about a vision to bring food security to the Middle East. We use only the most advanced hydroponic growing techniques in the world. Although the Middle East is one of the richest countries in terms of oil, because of the harsh, hot climate it lacks the ability to grow premium produce. We’ve changed that for good!

Now, we’re not saying we’re saving the world. We’re not saying we’re miracle workers. But, we do see our fruit and vegetables as superheroes and they are on a mission, one day at a time, to bring you fresher, better tasting food. The most amazing thing of all, is not only are they superior but they are also cheaper. We told you they were superheroes!

Daily fresh, is just that. It’s harvested daily and you can guarantee it’s no more than two days old when it gets to your plate. Our produce looks, tastes and smells like nothing you have ever seen grown in the middle of the desert. From the planting to the harvesting as little human interaction as possible is used to minimize bruises and damage. We’re committed to preserving the environment so we don’t use pesticides or fertilizers. In fact, all we require to nurture and grow the freshest fruit and vegetables in the Middle East is pure, fresh water and nutrients. We must use millions of litres of water if that’s the only ingredient we require, right? Wrong! We use 90% less than traditional agriculture does. It’s a miracle!

Humans are great. We’ve created everything from mobile phones to underwater hotels. We’ve put men on the moon and conquered the most dangerous oceans, mountains and jungles that the world has to offer. But we can be clumsy. So just in case, we minimize the contact humans have with our produce. From the moment seeds are planted in a bed of rock wool in our temperature-controlled greenhouses, we don’t touch them until harvest. Our team are there, of course, overseeing the growing process with a loving touch, but we leave the produce to grow naturally so we have more time for climbing mountains and trekking through jungles!

We are changing the future of the Middle East, we are creating a future for our children and harvesting Daily Fresh TM produce 365 days of the year in the desert. Now that’s something to talk about! To become a re-seller or to stock our produce get in touch!

The Past

For many years before our birth around 98% of the food in the MENA region was imported, to this day this figure is unchanged. With a lack of arable land, inhospitable conditions and a hot and humid climate, fruit and vegetables do not grow very well in the middle east. When we founded Daily Fresh TM our mission was to change this. We worked towards creating a network of hydroponic farms throughout the Middle East so we could provide the GCC with fresh, healthy, locally sourced produce. We have succeeded in our goals and you can now buy our cherry toms and fresh greens in a store near you. Our produce does not vary from the quality of European imports; the only difference is it hasn’t sat on a boat or an aeroplane for days and been battered and bruised by the rigours of transport. Instead, It has been carefully grown, hand picked and delivered to a store near you within 48 hours.

The Present

The day to day running of the business is something we love. But our passion has also become educating the citizens and residents of the GCC all about the positive economic and health benefits that our produce brings to the region.

A lot of our time is taken up harvesting our tasty produce then rushing it straight onto supermarket shelves for you to enjoy at its absolute freshest. But, we are increasingly making the time to visit institutions across the region to hand out free samples of the freshest fruit and veg in the land!
You will find us in stores, schools and universities around the Middle East talking about and exhibiting our creator’s technology.

The Future

Really? If we told you that… then there would be no surprises. Okay, we’ll tell you a little bit.

First and foremost, our aim is to continue providing the Middle East with better quality, cheaper fruit and veg. Once we’ve helped educate the nations and people are fully aware of the numerous benefits of growing food hydroponically, the world will be our water-grown oyster.

The Agratech farmsite will be a beacon of health, shining bright with beautiful food in an otherwise arid desert. Inside, our produce will be as varied and colourful as the plants in a tropical rainforest. At one end, there will be pineapples serenading peaches underneath a bountiful bed of smiling spinach. At the other, a mansion of mangoes will guard some guavas from a cheeky chilli pepper plant. Sandwiched in the middle will be our superhero training centre, where our fruit, vegetables and spices learn how to arrive on your plate in the freshest possible state and how to defy the odds and remain superhumanly cheap!

So come along to our seminars, stock our fruit, sample our vegetables and make the Agratech tropical madhouse a reality!